Crochet a Blooming Daisy Blanket – It’s Easier Than You Think!


Bring a piece of springtime into your home with this beautiful Crochet Daisy Flowers Blanket! Perfect for any season, this soft and cozy throw has a delicate daisy pattern on its face that adds life and warmth to any room. Ideal for snuggling up in the comfort of your own home or as an addition to brighten up your bedroom. The lightweight blend is perfect for use year-round – give yourself or someone special the gift of relaxation this season!

Do you also need hours looking for crochet patterns to make, news and tips to increase your knowledge? I’m always after new things and that’s why I separate so that you can learn too. Learning is something that we must always keep in mind that it is necessary, since we have to update ourselves with each new pattern that appears.

Before starting to make a crochet project you should always look at everything from your materials if they are impeccable as this interferes with your work, and also buy the material so as not to be left halfway. Evening comes and we are looking for new things to do the next day and get organized for the next day and then it is time to roll up our sleeves and make beautiful pieces.

In today’s case we will learn how to make beautiful and cozy crochet blankets. This blanket is well known by the name of Crochet Daisy, it is made up of squares with a flower in the middle. Take all your materials from your crochet bau and let’s get a beautiful blanket.

This crocheted blanket is reminiscent of Grandma’s crochet square that will keep you warm in the cold because the wool used is super soft and bulky, and the best thing is that it’s quick to make. With this design we can change the environment or the room giving it a cheerful and cozy style thanks to the crochet daisy in the middle. And these flowers will never wither and you don’t have to water them, it’s not.

This crochet tutorial is perfect for beginners who always want to try new techniques, but it can be a bit tricky if it’s too big, but I know I can do it. All with dedication of the right. This crochet daisy pattern has been made in a way that many other things can be done with it. It can be made into a baby blanket or even on the bed or the medium can be used as an appliqué that can be put on a piece of clothing or some decoration. You can do whatever you want and let your imagination run wild. Let us begin!

Pattern threads

I love this design because you can use a small amount of yellow yarn or any color you want, and in the center of the square over the daisy. You can also use an acrylic wool yarn or whatever you have in stock for this tutorial.

You can also use the option to make the daisy in the center bigger or smaller, this will depend on the yarn and also on the crochet hook you use. If you want to create a bigger and thicker one, you can use a larger hook and bulky wire, and for a smaller daisy, use a lighter weight wire and hook, it becomes more delicate. Marking the points is always helpful to follow when you make the center of the daisy.

To do this great job you just have to click on the link below that the instructions of the pattern written with the step by step and I also leave a video tutorial available enjoy, enjoy our fanpagefunkoz and good job

Free Written Pattern ☛ Crochet Flower Blanket

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